Our rates for parties who represent themselves are generally as follows:

Divorce & Family Law Matters:

$540    Divorce – Summons, Petition, Request for Default and Fee Waiver.  Short declaration disclosure included.
$360    Divorce Response – Response and Fee Waiver
$200    Divorce Amendment
$85    At Issue Memorandum
$150*  Interrogatories or Answer to Interrogatories
$150*  Marital Settlement Agreement
$210    Summary Dissolution – If the marriage lasted less than five years, the parties have no children together, and the parties have no assets or liabilities to divide, the marriage may be dissolved with using a summary dissolution.  Each party pays $210 ($420 total) and signs the summary dissolution.
$150*   Declaration and Disclosure
$450    Petition to Establish a Parental Relationship
$650    Petition to Terminate Parental Right
$520    Domestic Violence Restraining Order – Always prepared as a rush job.
$560    Ex Parte request for order – Always prepared as a rush job
$400   Request for Spousal Support, Child Support, or Other Order
$120   Additional Order Requests
$150*   Other family law pleadings
$75    Additional consultation or phone call – check dates, check case status, obtain extra copies, etc.

Criminal Matters

$350    Sealing Order, Petition to Dismiss, Petition to Reduce Charges, etc. – First case. $150 Each additional case
$350    Quash restraining order


$850    Guardianship package
$250    Each additional child
$450    Objection

Other Civil Matters

$530    Civil Restraining Order
$425    Summons and Complaint – Limited Civil
$150*   Other civil pleadings, answers to discovery, etc.

Will Package

$350    Includes California Statutory Will, Power of Attorney, and Advanced Healthcare Directive with notarization and witnesses

Evictions & Unlawful Detainers

$85     Notice – 3, 15, 30, or 60 Day Notice – No charge if part of eviction package
$550    Eviction/Unlawful Detainer – Possession Only
$350    Answer to Eviction/Unlawful Detainer

Process Service in Bakersfield

$65     Routine Service – 3 to 7 days
$75     Rush Service – 1 to 3 days
$100    Ultra Rush  – Within 24 hours
$140    NOW!  – Within two hours
(Other cities usually have similar rates depending on the availability of process servers)


$15    Per signature on Jurat or Acknowledgement

We offer a 10% discount to first responders, nurses, and active members of the military.  If you are happy with our services, leave us a good five star review and get 10% off the fee for your next document.

* This is an hourly rate for typing and formatting

All fees are flat rate except fees that include an asterisk*.  Those fees are charged hourly because preparation time is almost completely dependent on the parties and not on the paralegals. Fees do not include court fees, Sheriff’s Department fees, or any other fees that may be charged by a third party. The court clerks often reject pleadings for minor issues. It would be highly unlikely for us to make an error in pleadings, but we do not charge for correction of our errors.

Instructions for making payments can be found here.