We are currently accepting partner applications.

How much will I make?

Partners generally receive 20% of the retainer on non-criminal cases and 15% of the retainer on criminal cases, but they may receive an additional 10% for cases they bring in.  Partners receive additional money for serving papers, acting as a witness, translating, and doing other tasks per the partnership agreement, which is available at the office.  The division of income section of the agreement is repeated here:

a. If the Junior Partner answers phones or greets walk-in clients who have not previously been contacted and then sets appointments for said clients, and has the client complete an intake sheet, the Junior partner shall receive 5% of the net income received from the client.
b. If the Junior Partner finds and secures a client, the Junior partner shall receive 10% of the net income received from the client. This amount shall not combine with any fees for answering phones or greeting clients.
c. If the Junior Partner meets with a non-criminal client and completes their requested paperwork or services, the Junior partner shall receive 20% of the net income received from the client. This amount shall combine with any other fees listed in “a” or “b”.
i. Junior Partner’s income under this section shall be divided among other Junior Partners or shall be reduced if the Junior Partner does not complete substantially all of the required work on a given project from intake through completion.
ii. Should Junior Partners share portions of the work with others, each person participating in the work shall submit an estimate of their percentage of work done to The Firm, and The Firm shall determine the division of payment.
d. If the Junior Partner meets with a criminal client and completes their requested paperwork or services, the Junior partner shall receive 15% of the net income received from the client. This amount shall combine with any other fees listed in “a” or “b”.
e. If the Junior Partner serves process, income shall be divided based on the following:
i. +$20 for service on residential addresses
ii. Routine service in Bakersfield $40
iii. Rush service in Bakersfield $45
iv. Ultra rush service in Bakersfield $57.50
v. Immediate service in Bakersfield $77.50
vi. Declaration of Due Diligence $10
vii. Out of town mileage at $1.35 cents per mile
f. If the Junior Partner notarizes a document for the statutory fee, the Junior Partner shall retain 2/3 of the fee.
g. If the Junior Partner participates in a Cash for Keys deal, the Junior Partner shall be given a maximum cash amount and shall retain any residual cash. For example, if the maximum cash amount is named as $1,000 and the Junior Partner negotiates a moveout for $700, the Junior Partner shall retain $300.
h. If the Junior Partner signs a healthcare directive, will, or similar document as a witness, the Junior Partner shall receive $10.
i. If the Junior Partner is court appointed on a case, the Junior Partner shall retain 2/3 of the fee.
j. If the Junior Partner is assigned to perform services for an attorney, the Junior Partner shall retain 2/3 of the fee.
k. Some clients are indigent and will not be required to pay normal rates for services. Every partner is expected to assist with these pro bono and low bono cases. The Junior Partner shall retain 2/3 or any fee, tip, or donation.
l. The Junior Partner will receive many training opportunities and is expected to fully participate in these opportunities by completing assigned cases and taking notes at no compensation. For any given type of form, the Junior Partner is expected to have no more than three matters assigned for training. After completing three training matters, the Junior Partner can request additional training, begin working on related matters with minimal supervision for compensation, or request to be relieved from similar assignments.
m. Fees are subject to change at any time by unanimous vote of the Senior Partners and The Firm. If there is a fee change, the Junior Partner may accept the fee change, withdraw from the partnership, or cease performing the type of services for which the fees changed.

Our prices are here, and partners generally complete two or three cases a day.  The following are provided as examples only, but represent a typical day of work:

  • Mary answers the phone for three potential clients, sets an appointment for each, and has them complete an intake sheet.  Two of the clients retain for $595 and $1,100.  Mary immediately earns $84.75
  • Mary completes eviction papers for the client who paid $1,100.  Mary earns $220 upon completion of the eviction.
  • Mary prepares a Grant Deed and files it with the Recorder.  Mary immediately earns $10 for notarizing the deed and $70 for preparing the deed.
  • Mary completes a Motion to Modify Visitation.  Mary earns $92 when the court accepts the document for filing.

What will a partner actually earn?  If the partner is slow, chats a lot with customers, has obligations that require him or her to be gone most of the day, the earnings will be close to zero.  Nada.  Zip.  Nothing.  Earnings are based on tasks that are completed.  For those who do work diligently to complete tasks, expect to earn $25 to $50 an hour.

What will I be doing?

Partners are expected to work in the office at least 30 hours per week.  Partners will be trained to do forms in multiple areas of law, including family law, criminal law, evictions, grandparent rights, and estate planning.

Basically, partners answer phones, meet clients, and fill out forms.  We have guides, books, and instructions for everything we do, and we will train you, so no prior experience is necessary beyond basic office skills, such as typing, filing, and answering phones. The forms you fill out are reviewed by senior partners, all of whom are Licensed Document Assistants.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any special education? No.  If you can follow instructions, we can probably teach you.

What if I have a conviction? We don’t care.  If you can do the work, your past is irrelevant.

What do I wear to work? Dress like you are going to court. Smell like you regularly shower.

How do I apply?  There isn’t really an application process.  Make an appointment (661)873-4423 , and come to the office 1412 17th Street, Ste. 349.  Present a Covid19 Vaccine card or request a waiver.  Bring any documentation of your skills, and then take a look at our operations, chat with the team, and see if you can do the work.

Can I work from home?  No.  We have multiple remote workers right now.

Can you verify a link to prove you are a real person? No.